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  • 143 Sticker on white background
  • 143 Stickers painted in watercolor. Show on white background with sea glass.
  • Hand holding a 143 sticker. Original painting by Danielle Driscoll of Finding Silver Pennies
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Finding Silver Pennies

143 Sticker

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143 symbolizes I Love You in my little seaside town. Minot Ledge Light flashes this sequence. 

This rectangular sticker is based on an original watercolor by Danielle Driscoll. The sticker also coordinates with a matching notepad and note cards.

- Sticker measures 3"x2"

- Printed on durable and heavy vinyl

- Printed in the USA

- Vinyl protects from elements, water, and scratches - perfect for outdoor use.

Back in the 80s I had a sticker collection and I'm so glad stickers are coming back! These stickers can be used on water bottles, mugs, notepads, laptops, skate boards, and surf boards. Actually the possibilities are endless! What will you stick your sticker on?