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Great Blue Heron Bookplates

Great Blue Heron Bookplates

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I LOVE books and think they make the best gifts! If you're a book lover, too, then these NEW bookplates are just for you! Great Blue Heron bookplates with a print of an original watercolor illustration by Danielle.

Add to treasured books, journals and notebooks. A fun way to keep track of your collections.
  • 5 archival bookplates on premium adhesive paper
  • Each measures 4" x 3"
  • Write on bookplates with permanent marker or ballpoint pen. Allow ink to dry before use.

History of bookplates - Also known as Ex Libris Plates. These were used in the past to denote ownership. Historians have recorded the use of them since ancient Egypt and in Europe during the Middle Ages.

Last image shows all of our bookplates.

Lovely gift for the book lover!

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